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Trademark Registration done

Our purpose is to not just build an identity for you but also get it registered. We will guide you and ease the registration processes for you.

Did you get your patent filed?

If not, then roll up your sleeves!

Get your legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling your inventions for a limited period of years in exchange for publishing an enabling disclosure of the invention!

What's competitive analysis?

Oh, and how do you conduct one?

A competitive analysis is a comparison of competitors’ strategies used to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different marketing approaches within an industry.
Nebula will provide you with all the strategies and tools to help you conduct it.

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Raise Fund to grow

Are you looking to raise funds for the expansion of your business?
If yes, you are at the right place.
Our industry experts solve all the financial needs by connecting you to the right investors and fund managers.


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get your Certifications done

Looking for ISO, GMP, FDA, BRC, CE, FCC and other certificates for your company to comply with the industry standards?
Add up to the credibility of your organization!

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Whether it’s business registration, company registration, startup India registration or annual compliances.
You name it and we have it all.
Wait, we have more in store!
We have also got founders grooming for fundraising, Import-Export and Pitch Deck making covered up for you!


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Your brand is uniquely yours if you own a trademark. In addition to building trust amongst customers, a trademark reinforces the customer's memory of your brand. Trademarks become increasingly valuable as a business grows. Therefore, by creating a trademark you are preparing yourself for success in the future.
You can use the TM mark once the application is filed. However, you can use the R mark after 6-18 months when the trademark gets accepted by the authority. The validity of Trademark is 10 years.
A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor.In general, the term of a new patent is 20 years.Patent grants are effective only within the country territory.Under certain circumstances, patent term extensions or adjustments may be available.
A trademark protects a word, name, logo or design that represent the manufacturer of the goods. While, the patent gives property rights for the invention of a new product, which prevents others from making an identical product.
Nebula’s revenue-based financing works best for almost all businesses and start-ups that are in dire search of funds & investors. We do debt, debt-equity and equity models in all sizes. There is not better option for you if you are a start-up / already established business and are looking forward to expand your business.

We work with a passion of taking challenges and creating new ones in the Digital World.


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